Jackson's Chameleon

meet the

Jackson's Chameleon

a mini triceratops in the trees.

fun facts

  • Andean flamingo
    did you know?

    The Andean flamingo is the only flamingo species with yellow legs.

  • Baby gorilla using its opposable toe to hold and eat leaves
    did you know?

    A gorilla's big toe is opposable, like our thumb, to help the animal grab food or climb trees.

  • Male lion
    did you know?

    A male lion can eat up to 140 pounds of food in one meal.

  • Butterfly
    did you know?

    A butterfly's wings move in a figure "8" motion that pushes them through the air.

  • African penguin underwater
    did you know?

    African penguins can hold their breath for over 2 minutes and dive over 400 feet deep!

  • Three zebras standing together
    did you know?

    Every zebra’s stripe pattern is different—no two are alike.

  • Okapi tongue
    did you know?

    The okapi's dark tongue is long enough to reach its ears and eyes.

  • Armadillo
    did you know?

    Armadillo is Spanish for "little armored thing."

  • Baby hippo walking underwater with its mother near behind
    did you know?

    A herd of hippopotamuses is also called a "bloat."

  • Andean bear
    did you know?

    Andean bears are the only bears found in South America.

  • A large Galápagos tortoise
    did you know?

    A male Galápagos tortoise can weigh more than 500 pounds—and may live 150 years or more.

  • Tiger eyes
    did you know?

    Tigers can see six times better than humans at night.

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