Sumatran tiger prowling


Tale of the tiger


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Endangered Status



8 to 10 feet
length of adult male tiger
The average bed is 6.25 feet long.
Tiger compared in size to a bed

Pigs, deer, rhinoceroses, and even small elephants.

and more
forest habitat

Tigers live in many habitats, including tropical rain forest, snow-covered coniferous and deciduous forests, mangrove swamps, and drier forest areas.


A tiger crouches behind a bush.

Built to blend

Recognizing a tiger at the zoo is easy. But in their natural habitat in scattered, small areas in Asia, tigers are really hard to find. That’s because their unique orange, black, and white stripe pattern helps them blend into the forests and grassy areas where they live and hunt.

Tiger chuffle
Tiger with its fore-paw held to its mouth

Powerful hunters

Tigers are carnivores. They are quiet, patient hunters with large powerful paws and teeth to help them catch and eat their prey. Some of their favorite meals include pigs, deer, rhinoceroses, and even small elephants.

A tiger mom grooms her little cub with her large tongue

Hunter is hunted

Tigers hunt for their food, but they are also hunted by humans for their valuable fur and body parts. Because of this, tiger researches think there may only be 3,500 tigers left in the world. This makes them an endangered species.


unique features

A tiger walks across grass with its jaw open.
A tiger cub pounces on its sibling's back

Read between the lines

Like human fingerprints, every tiger has a unique pattern of stripes that can be used to identify it!

A tiger yawns, showing off its large canines

It's the "tooth"

A tiger's canine teeth are 3 inches long.

Close-up of a tiger's green-yellow eyes as it stares from behind a small branch

I see you!

A tiger’s night vision is 6 times better than a human’s.