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save animals

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your everyday deeds can help save the day for animals

San Diego Zoo Kids Save the World!

Calling all animal fans: This page is where we share ideas of ways you can help animals no matter where you live. Things you do in your everyday life have an effect on wildlife and their habitats. Be part of our team and help save animals!

save animals

take action!

Looking for a way to help save animals? Your everyday habits can make a difference. Check out these ideas, then choose one (or more) and take action!

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be water wise

Keep Pain Out of the Drain

Clean rivers, lakes, and oceans are important for healthy wildlife (and humans). Help protect our planet's water sources: don't dump car oil, paint, or other toxic chemicals in the sink. Check with your local government for a safer way to dispose of hazardous waste.

Photo of caterpillar craft

reuse, recycle

Get Crafty

Before you toss an empty toilet paper tube in the recycle bin, think of a way you could use it again. How clever can you be? And that goes for jars, cans, and boxes. For example, you can turn an empty oatmeal can into a special place to store your treasures.

Learn how here

A black bird with an orange beak splashes in water

backyard wildlife

Offer a Wet Welcome 

Local wildlife will appreciate a container of water on your balcony or in your yard. But bees can drown in a bowl of water, so set up a bee-bar using a plate or shallow bowl filled with stones or marbles.