Tiger cub chewing on cardboard tube

Terrific tigers

Cathy, Debbie, and Nelson

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park's Tull Family Tiger Trail is home to some amazing striped superstars, our Sumatran tigers. Here’s a bit about our tigers to help you get to know them.

Teddy the Sumatran


Teddy is our biggest tiger, a 13-year-old male who likes to tear up his play items in his own special area of Tiger Trail. He loves making "confetti" out of the cardboard boxes that the wildlife care specialists give him. He has a very distinctive "chuff" and usually has something to say!

Mother tiger Delta, with one of her cubs under her paw, rests in the shade.


Delta is our matriarch tiger and she is 19 years old! She is feisty, but is also one of the most cooperative tigers at the Park when wildlife care specialists ask her to do something. And while Teddy likes boxes, Delta isn't really interested in them—unless they have been rubbed with a special smell. What is her favorite scent? Peppermint!

Joanne and Majel

Joanne and Majel

Joanne and Majel are sisters, but the 6-year-olds have their own personalities. Joanne is the smaller sister but is the boss, and Majel is very sensitive and can be dramatic. Joanne, like her mother, Delta, enjoys scents. She likes men's colognes! Majel is the first tiger to greet the wildlife care specialists each morning.

Suka and Nelson

Suka and Nelson

One-year-old males Suka and Nelson share a habitat. Suka was raised in the Park's Animal Care Center Nursery after his mom couldn't care for him. When he was big enough, he moved to Tiger Trail, where he observed the other tigers. As soon as he was close enough in size, he was introduced to his brother, Nelson, and now the two are good friends and living together full time! They can be seen playing and lounging together.

Langka the Sumatran tiger resting in the shade


Langka, a 12-year-old male, is the new tiger on the block, having come to the Park in 2016. He is very "talkative," and wildlife care specialists often hear chuffs, whines, and yowls from him. So far, Langka loves cardboard boxes, bamboo, and cologne. We are hoping that Langka and Majel will show an interest in each other, and the Park will have another tiger super couple.

Cathy and Debbie

Cathy and Debbie

Cathy and Debbie are both 1 year old, and they are Nelson's sisters. When they were small cubs, Debbie was the smallest in size, but the biggest in boldness and independence. Cathy is more laid-back than her sister, and the two make a good pair.

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