A story adventure with Rick Schwartz

San Diego Zoo Ambassador Rick Schwartz reads Ty the Quiet Giraffe

The story of Ty the Quiet Giraffe is a "tall tale" that many of us can relate to! At first, everyone noticed Ty the giraffe, but his quietness leads them to think he has nothing to say. Ty doesn’t like to interrupt, and he likes to think before answering. He pays attention to details and notices things that others don’t. But the other animals think Ty is too quiet. Can he even speak at all? Pretty soon, they stop noticing him. That is, until Ty shows them that everyone has something important to say. Listen along as Ambassador Rick uncovers the truth about Ty: He's a lot like other giraffes, who are naturally quiet, and that can be a good thing, but they will speak up when they should!

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