Summer's In Full Swing!


Do you go "ape" on the monkey bars at the playground? Swinging from one bar to another is fun for humans, and the way many monkeys and apes get around. Moving from spot to spot using only the arms is called "brachiating," (BRAY-key-ATE-ing). 


Animals that brachiate have special adaptations like long arms and opposable thumbs. They also have short fingernails (instead of clawsThe fingernails of an animal, such as a bear or cat. They help to grab prey. In birds, they're called talons.) and hook-like fingers. Humans have hands and fingers that are good for grasping, which helps us brachiate, too--though not as well as monkeys!


If you've ever wondered what it's like to travel through the treetops, we have a way for you to find out. The Safari Park's new Jungle Ropes Safari lets you climb like a monkey, then swing and zip your way from tree to tree. Get into the swing of things and check it out!