Alert animals


You know how much fun it is at a sleepover to arrange your sleeping bags in a circle so that everyone is facing into the center? You can giggle and talk and tell stories, and part of the good time is knowing that you and all your friends are safe. Well, for members of the Animal KingdomEvery animal (from butterflies to basset hounds to black bears to you) belongs to this scientific grouping., being safe isn't always a certainty, and that's why someone has to keep watch!


For some animals, like antelope, the answer to a good night's sleep is for everyone to snooze in a circle, but with each member facing outward. It's the best way to see danger coming! For other animals, like meerkats, one group member is chosen as the scout, and it is his or her job to keep an eye open for trouble. One squeak or chirp from the scout, and everyone knows to head for the safe cover of the burrowNoun-A hole in the ground made by certain animals, like rabbits. Verb-To dig a hole in the ground.. Even the mighty elephant, as big as it is, takes advantage of safety in numbers. If a strange noise is heard, the herdA group of animals that travels and feeds together. forms an outward-facing circle, with any calves kept in the center for protection!


On your next visit to the Zoo or Safari Park, see if you can see who is watching you!