Western Lowland Gorilla

Central Africa
Lowland tropical rain forests
Fruits, seeds, leaves, and insects
5 to 6 feet tall
A baby gorilla stays close to its mother and sleeps in her nest until it is 4 to 6 years old.
No two gorilla noses are alike. Scientists use close-up photographs of gorilla faces to tell who is who.
Real Troopers!


Gorillas are the largest primatesMembers of the most highly developed order of animals, including humans, monkeys, and apes. in the world. Adult males can weigh 500 pounds. These big guys are also known as silverbacks because of the color of the fur on their backs. Female gorillas are smaller than males.


Although they are sometimes shown in movies as being mean or scary, gorillas are very gentle animals. They live in groups called troops that contain a silverback, many females, and offspring. The troop travels around the forestAn area with many trees. together looking for food during the day. At night, each gorilla makes a nest to sleep in on the ground or up in a tree.


Gorillas are endangeredAnimals or plants that survive in such low numbers that they could become extinct in a few years unless something is done to help the populations increase. for a number of reasons. The forests they live in are being cut down by humans, leaving the gorillas less space to find food and shelter. The loss of forests also makes it easier for hunters to find the gorillas.