Ring-tailed lemur

Forests and rain forests
fruit, leaves, flowers, spiders, insects, and small birds
a little more than 1 foot long from head to rump
Infants begin to climb among tree branches when they are about 3 weeks old.
Lemurs live in highly social, female-dominant groups.
Quiet Zone


Ring-tailed lemurs are practically noiseless as they move through the forestAn area with many trees., and their reflective eyes can make them look a little spooky. Even their calls sound a little ghostly.

Lemurs are amazing jumpers and climbers. These amusing primatesMembers of the most highly developed order of animals, including humans, monkeys, and apes. use their long tails to help them keep their balance. The black-and-white rings on their tail make it easier for other lemurs to see them in the forestAn area with many trees.. Lemurs also have a scent gland on their tail that leaves a smelly mark where they have been. Males even get into "stink fights" to claim territory!

Ring-tailed lemurs like to huddle up together to groom each other. It is part of their social interaction.