Fire Salamander

Europe, Africa, and Asia
Insects, earthworms, small frogs, spiders, and slugs
Up to 8 inches long (about as long as a table knife)
Fully formed larvae or fully formed salamander, depending on subspecies
The fire salamander is the only amphibian that does not hatch from an egg. Instead, the babies develop inside the mother's body.
Legless Ampibians


Fire salamanders have moist, smooth skin like frogs, and long tails like lizards. Their four legs are so short that their belly drags on the ground.


The bright markings on the fire salamander’s back warn predators that it is poisonous. Its body oozes secretions that can be irritating to animals that try to eat it.


Fire salamanders are nocturnalAwake and active during the night, asleep during the day. and hide during the day in leaf litter, in the cracks of rocks, or under old logs.