Animal Checkups

Say "Ahh!"


Many animals, like people, don’t just see the doctor when they’re sick—getting checkups and exams help keep them healthy! At the Zoo and Safari Park, there are keepers and veterinarians and other medical staff who work very hard to make sure all the critters are healthy as a horse—or panda, flamingo, or iguana!




As part of their duties, keepers pay attention to how much the animals in their care are eating, if their behaviorIn biology, an organism's activity in response to its environment. The study of animal behavior is called ethology. is normal, and if they have gained or lost weight. They also teach the animals behaviors that will make exams easier, like stepping on a scaleA hard, flat, armor-like structure that covers the bodies of snakes, reptiles, fish, and the feet of birds., presenting a paw or hoof, and even standing still for an injection. Veterinarians and other medical staff take care of other needs, such as vaccinations, injuries, and even surgeries.


Check out this month's video and see what a big job it can be to keep our elephants healthy!